For 30 years, the snack vending machine industry has remained unchanged. What’s worse, the machines often don’t have what you want, are sold out, or fail to vend. We’ve all felt the pain at one point or another.

In an effort to improve the customer experience, the glass window on vending machines have been replaced with an LED touchscreen. With this straightforward idea, diji-touch was born, redefining what it means to be a vending machine.

Our diji-touch machine improvements are as a direct result from consumers’ insights, on market test and valuable input from our partners, Now you can experience the revolution in the vending experience.

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Diji Touch
What is Diji-Touch?

Explore the features, capabilities and usability of Diji-Touch

Introducing Diji-Touch

See what makes Diji-Touch so revolutionary. And learn more
about the vending machine that acts like a marketing engine

Discover the Future of Vending

Learn how to use mobile and social media connections and built-in
sales analytics to improve user experience and increase profit potential